You're invited to an Easter service at the Baxter Arena • April 1 • 10AM



Something’s Happening in this city, our schools, our neighborhoods, and our homes. Let’s celebrate the positive things we are seeing in our community by filling the map below. Whether it’s a simple act of shoveling a neighbor’s driveway or helping provide food for those in need, these acts of kindness make a difference and can inspire others to do the same.

something's happening in omaha easter baxter

Lifegate Gift Bags

I live at the Wycliffe Apartments and love how the students from Lifegate put together little bags of candy and place them on the door of every apartment. It's always a fun blessing to get those. 


My neighbor shoveled off my grandparent's driveway.

Friendly Server

Didn’t have enough money left on my gift card to cover the food, but my server said not to worry about it!

Bus Ride

Didn’t realize my bus pass was empty, the driver let me on anyway!

Blanket Drive

Our son did a blanket & toy drive for animals at the NE Humane Society for a social studies project at Russell Middle School. He collected 9 garbage bags in donations from our generous neighbors. Way to go Millard Public Schools and West Bay!


Thank you to whomever shoveled my driveway and sidewalk yesterday. I had no idea how I was going to be able to accomplish this with my sick toddler, so it was a huge blessing.

Snow Shoveled

Yesterday our driveway and walks were shoveled after getting home from the hospital after 5 days with our daughter recovering from an illness it was such a wonderful surprise!!

Tampon Drive for Open Door Mission

Marian students are helping women all across town by providing feminine products for those who can’t afford it

Yates Academy

Amazing education center for immigrant families, Moms and kids learning together.

Sharing the Gospel

Sharing the light and love of the Gospel.

Incommon is bringing life and hope

Incommon is working to provide affordable housing and a community space for people to learn and grow and give back!

Community support

Boys and Girls teams quailfied for a State Basketball Tournament. God Bless the parents, family, friends, players for the amazing blessed support of these young men and women.

Yard Work

My neighbor trimmed my out of control bushes and then removed an orphan tree that was growing amongst the bushes! And then, he hauled it all away for me, too! I would have never been able to do this...thank you!!

Snow Blowing

After the snow and ice, our neighbor cleaned our walks and another neighbor's too!

Snowblowing my Driveway

While my wife and I were out of town, my neighbor took it on himself to clear the snow off our driveway.

New Brakes on our Truck

A friend of ours heard us talking about getting new brakes on our truck and asked what we would pay. He said no way - he would do it for us. He saved us $600 - out of the kindness of his heart - he wanted nothing in return.

those with Alzheimer’s are being supported

Faith that was declining in some with Alzheimer's, has returned.

people in hospital are being blessed

The lonely are being visited and listened to. The dying and their families are being ministered to.

Recipients of huge love

We've received gifts of money, toys, clothes and so much more since having a house fire. The people of Omaha have shown us some made love!

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

High winds blew neighbor's empty trash cans well up the block and into the street. Went and got them out of street and put them away for the neighbor's who were at work.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Neighbors helping each other clear driveways of snow, picking up empty trash cans from the middle of the street after a windy day. Salting each other's walkways.

Staff Appreciation Week

Parents, PTO and students are dedicating each day of the week to do something nice to say "Thank you" to all teachers and staff at Norris Elementary. Monday was breakfast provided by parents for the staff in the break room. Next will be coffee and muffins.

Nice Checkout Attendant

Had a nice conversation with Sam's club attendant about what I was going to do with all those Rice krispy treats. Was able to share with him I work with kids at a church and they will pray about God blessing their special snack and this is what they will get.

My lunch was paid for!

I forgot my wallet at home so a coworker selflessly offered to pay for my lunch.

Praying with man serving the homeless

I meet with a young man I mentor on Wednesdays. At the end of our time we were praying and a man stopped by and asked if we could pray for him. He was headed downtown to serve the homeless. We immediately prayed on the spot at Starbucks.

Pet Licenses

Caring people paying for pet licenses for those going through an extra difficult time!

Snow removal

Neighbors helping each other with snow removal!


Hundreds of doctors, med students, and hospital staff came together to celebrate the life of a resident who tragically committed suicide last week. We were encouraged to resist a culture of loneliness and encourage one another in our callings.

Offutt Airmen help prep 200K meals

Airmen from the 557th Weather Wing prepositioned 3,600 pounds of food for KoK's drive to box 200,000 meals this Sunday in support of Omaha Against Hunger

Helping Neighbors

shoveling a neighbors driveway while they were out of town.

Mysterious helper

I put my trash bag on my doorstep and someone else threw it out for me! How kind!

Food collecting for open door mission

Our neighbor requested TWO bags!!

Something’s Happening Food Drive

Meeting really friendly neighbors as we drop off bags for the food drive.

Shoveling Snow

My husband helps our elderly neighbor throughout the year, from shoveling snow to mowing her lawn.

A Good Samaritan

A good Samaritan saw my husband fall on ice and stopped to help him. He went further with this wonderful deed and took him to the emergency room at the hospital, stayed with him until I came, and has been in touch with my husband to see how he is doing. We are new to the area and have found the NE folks are very polite and kind.

Donations to COPE

Donating food and juice to COPE weekly

Teacher Appreciation

Volunteers celebrating and thanking teachers and staff throughout OPS.

Selfless acts

Neighbors coming together to dig out driveways EARLY in the morning. Co-workers creating a meal train for family with a person recovering from surgery.

Blessing Bags

Got the kids involved and packed 25 blessing bags with our small group tonight. Can keep these in our cars to have on hand to give out to others we see in need.

RunnerChurch connecting with runners

RunnerChurch is connecting with runners on the trails on Sunday mornings at Chalco, Zorinsky, Cunningham and other locales. A short message is given and then we run together and share life.

Snow Cleared

Random neighbor (not sure who) shoveled our sidewalks during the last big snow fall. We leave and come home when it's dark so aren't usually able to shovel ourselves. Thank you random neighbor ♡

Ride to work

I was walking to work and a coworker saw me. They were kind enough to stop and gave me a ride the rest of the way.


My neighbor Snowblowed my driveway when I was sick

Hiring Decisions

I'm sooo impressed and inspired by the Elkhorn Hy-Vee for hiring people with learning challenges. They're super friendly and incredible employees.

Pay it forward

Went through a drive thru and the person ahead of me paid for my food. I paid the next person’s!

Students spend a Saturday giving back

8th grade students spend time helping Abide & Open door mission!

Taking out the trash

After joining on FB I felt inspired. I came home & was taking out our trash when I saw that our neighbor had a bag by their door so I grabbed it also

Being Mentored and Encouraged

I meet with my mentor every couple weeks and it is always really encouraging. Talking with someone who has been through and experienced much of what I experience in work and family is so valuable. And we also use that time to pray which is so powerful. I'm blessed.

Day of Lamentation: A Vigil Against Gun Violence

A Christian response to engage our community in the issue of gun violence as followers of the God of justice and peace.

Urban Abbey

Urban Abbey is a Methodist coffee shop, bookstore, and church that is creating space to be in community with each other in faith, love, laughter, and support. Oh, and COFFEE!

Keeping a kitty with her “mom”

Taking a kitty to the vet and paying the vet bill so she can stay with her human Mommy (a senior) who would not be able to afford the treatment bill.

Food Pantry

Members from different churches getting together every second Saturday to hand out food to those in need.

Youth Emergency Services

With a mission to serve homeless and at-risk youth in the community by providing critically-needed resources which empower them to become self-sufficient, Youth Emergency Services sees the resilience of our young people and the dedication of staff who work tirelessly to ensure these youth are set up on a path to success.

Gretna High School Students “Walk UP”

Teens are making a difference in people's lives.

a person facing eviction was helped

A woman facing eviction was helped, so that would not happen.

the hospitalized are visited

A man from out of town who was having a major surgery was visited by people from Omaha. The patient and his family loved the care, the prayer, and the prayer blanket.

Neighbors helping neighbors

Neighbors loaning each other tools and watching out for the little kids crossing the street back and forth to their friends houses.

shoveling snow

Shoveling snow for a neighbor who was out of town.

Helpful stranger

I was locked out of my car. Probably a dozen people walked by me. Finally, someone parks next to me. He refused to let me stand there and pout. We went inside the store together to see if they had anything to fish my keys out with. He helped me get my keys out of the tiny crack I’d left in the window. He gave me a big hug and had me promise to pay it forward.

Good neighbors

I have neighbors who check in on me. If they think I've fallen, they check. When on crutches for a broken hip, they checked several times to make sure if I was ok and if I needed something.

Food Pantry collection

Neighbors donated 8 grocery sacks of food for the food pantry, and the girls loved going around picking them up!

Meadow Drive Trash Pick Up

It made our drive more appealing for all our neighbors.

Students helping community file taxes

Under a free program, accounting students at Creighton are helping community members who are less fortunate file their taxes for the year. This not only helps save them money, in many cases can bring about a much-needed refund as well as some quality one-on-one time with the students.

Helping fill the Open Door Mission’s food pantry

Gave my neighbor a bag that I got from church and told him we were helping the Open Door Mission fill there food pantry. He took a bag and the next day brought over enough food to fill my dining room table!

Easter at the Baxter signs!

Hard to see in this pic, but at the main intersection of my work (North side of 156th and Dodge), there are at least 5 signs for Easter at the Baxter!

Massive invitations to Easter at Baxter

I am hearing of people who are being invited to Easter tell those who are inviting them that someone else has beaten them to it! Awesome! Spread the word!!

Help With Our Runaway Dog!

Our dog ran away from home. Within 5 minutes, we had a call from a woman 2 blocks away saying that she found our dog!

Breakfast Paid For

Went to breakfast with our family of 3 and when we went to pay our bill someone had already paid for us. What an awesome blessing and surprise!


Celebrate the positive things happening in our community by adding them to the map!